Team building activities can help your company grow

Why use team building?

It is a common misconception that team building is just for fun. Sure, it can bring your employees closer, foster good relations and provide for a better work environment, and that’s nice, but do we really need it?


Team building activities Copenhagen

With some of the run of the mill team building activities that can be found aplenty in the larger Copenhagen area those concerns are not without merit. But there are exceptions. Based at Charlottenlund Castle a rather unique team building developer offer high-end intelligent team building in English and for large teams. Founded and run by anthropologists The Tribe stands out as something out of the ordinary.


Team building activities ideas

The Tribe is founded on the belief that teambuilding activity should go beyond mere entertainment. That it should reflect the challenges of modern work life and provide a fun and engaging learning environment. For this purpose The Tribe has designed The Royal Chancery – an original live teambuilding game – ripe with challenges, history, culture and immersion.

“To prioritize tasks and time is an important part of modern work life. Through gamification The Royal Chancery simulates the challenges we face on a daily basis in our professional work life and does so in an original and entertaining context.”
– David A Jensen, author and concept developer


Team building activities for 100 employees or more

One of the many great features of The Royal Chancery is that it is completely scalable. It works for anywhere between 10 – 250 people easy, and can be made to encompass even larger groups. So, if you are looking for entertainment ideas for company party for very large groups of people The Tribe can accommodate you too. Simply contact The Tribe if your organization is larger than 250 people.


Business events Copenhagen

In addition to being an original, intelligent and culturally immersive game an added bonus of The Royal Chancery is that it can take place at Charlottenlund Castle. It is designed to incorporate fully into that location and into company events that may well include fine dining, cocktails and evening parties. It is however also possible to get the Royal Chancery to come to you – a travel edition of the game exists.

So, if you are looking for good team building ideas for your company to go with your next event, Christmas lunch or company party, look no further. The Tribe specializes in corporate events where every palette is met; your taste buds, your brain cells and your team spirit.


Business events Europe

And if you are looking to host a business event in Denmark for an international team, what better way than to visit a site of cultural heritage – a 300 year old royal castle – very near the buzzing heart of Copenhagen?

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